Satoken's blockchain technology aim to revolutionize capital markets and address some of the inherent inefficiencies of the current stock market so that financial processes and investors are less beholden to traditional, institutional market structures.


Satoken was inspired by the revolutionary innovation of Ethereum blockchain’s smart contracts and Ripple's unique and effective tokenomics. New coins are created by way of mining in most cryptocurrencies. However like Ripple, Satoken will premine an amount of tokens at the start, in order to kick start the mining economy. Like Ethereum, anyone that wants to tokenise their assets will be able to create their own STO tokens on the Satoken blockchain.


Those familiar with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will know that ICOs have been dominating the headlines in the last few years. In 2017 alone, there was an estimated 453 ICOs launched valued at over US$6.5 billion, and in 2018, 1,072 ICOs with a value of over US$21.4 billion.
The key problem with an ICO was the lack of investor protection and insufficient risk disclosure which is an important part of securities in the context of initial public offerings and capital raising.
The solution to ICO, is security token offering also known as STO. Its’ value is derived from actual assets it is backed by. STOs like cryptocurrencies, run on the blockchain network but is an investment instruments that is structured very differently.
Some of the key advantages of STOs as compared to ICOs include faster deals execution speed, more liquid and less volatile capital markets, portfolio and risk diversification, lower costs and higher transparency.
With the companies and assets backing STO spanning across various industries, one can also expect STOs to have a larger investor base.



Why should you create a security token?

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Security tokens represent a massive breakthrough in liquidity for private securities. With built-in programmatic ownership restrictions, you can sell private securities to a global pool of investors while allowing a liquid secondary market to develop on a number of trading venues.

Cloud Based


Raise funds in cryptocurrency where your investors automatically receive the correct allocation of securities. Pay dividends automatically, create and distribute securities effortlessly, and reduce back-office administrative overhead. No more bank wires, waiting 3-5 business days, and manually updating spreadsheets.

No transaction fees


As a security token issuer, you can conduct your: fundraising, cap table management, dividend payments, and financial dealings in a fully transparent manner, on our blockchain. From the standpoint of smart contracts, security, and software development, we have it all.


Why should you invest in security tokens?

Instant operations


Legacy financial systems have countless middlemen and rent-seekers. Security Tokens, by taking advantage of blockchain technology and a fully digital infrastructure, can decrease and even remove many of the typical fees associated with capital markets, compliance, and securities trading.

Strong teams & Advisors


Security tokens represent a massive breakthrough in liquidity for private securities. With security tokens, you can own securities in a private company while having access to a global pool of secondary
market liquidity.

Protects the identity

24/7/365 MARKETS

There are no holidays, weekends, or bank closures on the blockchain. You can finally have 24/7/365 access to financial markets

Protects the identity


Contribute funds in cryptocurrency, and automatically receive the correct allocation of securities. No more bank wires and waiting 3-5 business days for funds to clear.

About SATOKEN Blockchain

Build an unlimited amount of tokens on the Satoken Blockchain. Satoken has its own private blockchain, making it unhackable and unaffected by other cryptocurrencies. Hence there will not be any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference. Satoken, a standalone blockchain, is a next generation smart contract platform. It’s built upon an improved Ethereum codebase that solves the scaling. In addition, we remove the proof of work consensus and replace it with “Proof of Credibility” a modified version of “Proof of authority”.

[Proof of Credibility – The trusted way to mine Satokens]

POC is an upgraded, stronger, and more secure form of Proof of Authority (POA). In POA the transactions and blocks are validated by approved accounts known as validators. POA has typically been used in private networks and most recently a few companies that have adopted it to use individuals as the validators whose identities are publicly disclosed and at stake. In exchange for staking their identities they are rewarded and monetarily incentivized to process transactions. With the individual’s identities disclosed this will disincentivize them from being bad actors. However, we do not think this goes far enough because as the value of the network grows the incentive to cheat will become larger and larger. Hence, we come up with POC which uses companies as validators not individuals. A company with a reputation has a lot more to lose than an individual and is a much stronger deterrent to be a bad actor because the risk is much larger. A company caught cheating would not only be risking its reputation. It would be risking its entire market cap and the reputation of the officers and shareholders of the company. It would have significantly more to lose. How company can be POC node will depend on his vote by the SATOKEN panel and public subscription, once the company is voted to be listed in SATOKEN exchange it will be auto accepted to be a POC node.

We will not only solve the Ethereum scaling problem with immediacy, but anyone currently using Ethereum will be able to seamlessly transfer to our network without making any code changes to get:
1. 10x more decentralization
2. 100x increase in speed

Credibility is impossible to measure precisely but we are weighing several important metrics in our decision:
1) Exchange Panel
2) Subscription Voter
3) Market Cap

We use this metric when evaluating companies because the value of the member companies needs to be in parity with the value of the processing network to disincentivize cheating. The first verification step requires companies to provide their Dun & Bradstreet D- U-N-S number and individuals to provide credit bureau information, together with KYC screening by the SATOX Compliance team. This identifier allows voters obtain a D&B or credit bureau information report on the company or individual to view official contact information and get a more trusted and secure community. As Satoken will be the proprietary blockchain of SATOX exchange, it has to be secure, trusted, unhackable, and scalable when more and more STO projects create their personalized tokens.


Total Supply 100 Billion
Decimals 8
Symbol SATO
Blockchain SATOKEN
Premined Supply 10 Million

Private Placement Funds Allocation



First of all when you decide for a contract with us you can forget about the complicated set up and maintenance of a mining rig. Secondly, you are mining online, without having loud mining machines in your home that need a lot of space, intense cooling, and power consumption sources. As the cherry on top, we have a beautiful and simple to handle user Interface, praised by all our clients and the reviews that were written about us.


The mining starts immediately after confirmed payment. First payouts will be documented within 24 hours.

Flexible plans

You can decide the number of tokens you wish to mine with the various packages. This allows you to find the most profitable yield for your budget.


No hidden fees or commissions. Every single transaction is visible to you. You will know how much you mine and the rate of mining.

Insatiable Demand

Satokens mined out will always have a high demand due to the amount of STO projects in SATOX, as well as the consistent amount of stakers wanting to be a part of this masternode.

Constant User Acquisition

Due to the attractive nature of economy mining masternode, Satox and Satoken will have a consistent stream of new users to the platform, resulting in a significant number of traders globally on the Satoken platform.


View all mining related information in real-time, at any point from any location.

Our service makes mining Cryptocurrency accessible to everyone. No longer it is required to buy expensive equipment and waste your time on setting it up. Simply select the desired package and generate revenue!


SATOX offer a full range of STO services, including technical expertise, marketing programs, and access to our trusted network of experienced legal counselors to move customers from ideas to success.

Satoken enables institutions to tokenize securities and facilitate the virtual ownership and trading of conventional physical assets using digital tokens, powered by Blockchain technology. The end-to-end platform includes a comprehensive Tokenization Platform to put real world assets into fractional ownership on the Blockchain, while offering investors a digital investment marketplace that’s secure, transparent and inclusive; P2P with no middlemen and in a market that operates 24/7.

SATOX also comprises a highly secure, institutional-grade security token exchange and trading platform complete with multi-factor authentication and military-grade encryption. The exchange features a comprehensive trading engine, extensible order book and integrated custodial services, making it a novel platform for global investors as well as professional traders to trade tokenized securities.

Built ground up with security and compliance at the core, the system will include integrated registration, KYC, approval and reporting functionality that allow institutions to tick all the boxes and comply with relevant regulations.

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